Teaser Round Live

Welcome to the 2012 Ghost in the Shellcode Teaser Round. The prize is, of course, one free ShmooCon barcode as well as the accolades of your peers and enemies alike.

Game Board (link)

Yes, it's our old theme. And some of the challenges are themed from last-year as well. I'm sure you'll survive. Head on over to https://teaser.ghostintheshellcode.com (we'll leave it up for a few days, if it's down, try the local mirror) and let the fun begin!

If you're having trouble with the game board, note that the GUID is all you need to login once you've registered your team, though it should be remembered in your browser. If you want to allow others to submit answers on your team, simply give them the guid. Play nice though, if we see too many hits from one team, we reserve the right to overreact.

Additionally, given that we're giving out a prize, we'd like to point out that it might behoove you to use a real email address when you register. Just sayin'.


As an added bonus, our services should be available over ip6v in honor of Defcon CTF finals. Also in honor of the finals, we don't really know for sure if it will work, but hey, it might!


The teaser round will use IRC for support. Role-playing for hints will neither be allowed, nor encouraged. Save up your sheep fantasies for Defcon quals.

In the meantime, join us at irc.freenode.net in channel #gits-ctf. All operators are GitS team members and will naturally accept bribes.


Follow us at @ShellGhostCode



Teaser Round Live! Win Friends, Influence People! Pwnage, Crypto, Packets, it's madness in here.