ShmooCon CTF Warmup Contest

Missed your chance for a ShmooCon ticket? Not looking forward to spending $400 on it? You're in luck! All you have to do is be a l33t ninja, own up a few sample (no, not "simple") CTF challenges, and oh yeah--be faster than anyone else playing. Easy, right?

  • When: 5pm EST, Friday January 7th (for 48 hrs exactly)
  • What: Three practice CTF questions
  • Why?: Win a sold-out ShmooCon barcode!


Please don't get frustrated if you're a newbie, this is meant to be a learning experience as well. Who knows, you could be the next Atlas! Once the contest is over, come back and look for writeups to see how other people solved each challenge.


For support, join us on IRC. (irc.freenode.net #gits)

We might respond via twitter or email, but irc is your best bet.

We have a winner!

Congratulations, awesie! By solving all three challenges in just under 22 hours, he is the winner of the ShmooCon barcode. We hope this was fun for everone and look forward to folks coming to ShmooCon to experience even more. Come back later for solutions and writeups.


Challenge 1First blood! Congrats, team disekt! (23:45 EST) (3 solutions)LarsH and kaliman's solution
Challenge 2First blood! Congrats, kaliman/LarsH! (17:25 EST) (13 solutions!)
Challenge 3First blood! Congrats, Awesie! (22:40 EST) (1 solution)Awesie's solution