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Question #1 - Example Question

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This is an example question. It has no correct answer.

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‡ is at ShmooCon.


Ghost in the Shellcode will kick-off shortly after ShmooCon opening ceremonies conclude and will end before closing ceremonies begin.

Start: February 15, 2013 at 3:30pm EST
End: February 17, 2013 at 2:00pm EST


Teams score points based on solving of correct answers. Questions vary in challenge type and points values. Expect a lot of binary reverse engineering and exploitation challenges, but we'll also scrape together trivia, forensics, and network challenges also!

Bribery for bonus points is encouraged.


The team with the most points (or first to complete the entire scoreboard) wins. Ties will be broken in order of the first to reach the winning score.


Denial of service attacks on our infrastructure will result in ip and team bans. Notice something wrong? We'll reward you with points.

Team Name:
Team Hash:
Local Team Key*:

To create a new team, enter the team name.
To join a team, only enter both the team name and the team hash.

To register as a local team, go to the GitS booth at ShmooCon and get a registration card.